Company Stores

The Dynamite Difference 

What does the Dynamite Company Store difference mean to us?

It means we don’t play by the Company Stores rules of the promotional product industry because—simply put—we came up with better rules. Rules like cutting out the red tape, streamlining processes and making things easier. Rules that get you from point A to point B without incurring additional costs, headaches, and most importantly, heartaches. Rules that are just better, because that’s what you deserve.  A Company store from Dynamite means that we manage everything from start to finish for you.  Your Dynamite company store will offer retail Quality items in retail packaging.  No more inventory for you to buy and hold.  No more shipping headaches.  No more brand inconsistencies.  No more headaches (period.)

What should the Dynamite Company Store difference mean to you?

It means you get quality products at a great value without sacrificing the WOW factor that your brand deserves. It means always knowing what the bottom line is right from the start, with endless customization options to set your brand apart from the crowd. And what it ultimately means is…a happy you.


  • No minimums (order as few as ONE)

  • No setup fee

  • 5 day standard production

  • No inventory to buy and hold

  • High-end retail packaging

  • One year warranty

  • Super easy and awesome!

Online Store Program

Need an online store with retail quality products that’s no risk and all reward? Dynamite has got you covered! With one-piece minimum products, best of class technology and dedicated support we’re the perfect fit for online brand merchandising stores or even employee safety or merit programs.

Benefits to you:

  • Completely risk-free solution
  • Save money, time, and space with virtual inventory
  • Provide a better product selection for your audience
  • Free professional virtuals showing your logo on the items in your online store
  • No dropship or processing fees
  • Best of all—one piece minimum!



  • $799 1-Time Launch Fee (All-Inclusive for Year 1)
    • $199 Yearly Hosting/Maintenance Fee (Year 2+)
    • 3% Revenue Rebate Paid Quarterly
    • Free Shipping for 25+ piece orders
    • No Long-Term Obligation, Cancel Anytime with a 30 Day Notice

STEP 1 - Select Products

Select the Dynamite Company Store items you would like to add to your online store. Any item on our Online Store Catalog qualifies (View all options here!) and choose as many as you’d like! There are no minimum requirements or maximum limits.

STEP 2 - Select Designs/Logos

Email over the artwork you would like on each product. Remember that artwork can be different for each item or you can just send your logo if you want just your logo on every item. Our team of designers will turn around free virtuals for each product you select and ensure you’re happy with how everything looks.

STEP 3 - Company Store is Built

We will Design and build your Company Store custom for your brand.  This process takes 2-3 weeks.

STEP 4 - Launch & Orders Start

Company Store Launch.  Once an order is received, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll fulfill and dropship the order all within 5 days of when it’s placed. And no need to think small! We’re used to dealing internationally and can dropship all over the world.

STEP 5 - Quarterly Rebate & Adjustments

Over the years we've learned that the best way to get heavy company store usage is to cut you in on the profits.  Quarterly we pay you 3% of the Revenue from your store (excludes shipping costs).  Quarterly we'll also look at what is selling well and what is not and with your approval make any needed adjustments.  

Ready to Start/Q&A

The process is very smooth and simple.  For questions or to speak with a Company Store Expert call us at 866.788.5765 or email 

Let's get your Company Store Started! 


  • 50+ unit minimum order quantity

  • $50+ setup fee + run charges

  • 7-10+ day standard production

  • Must purchase inventory upfront and hold

  • Poly bagged or plain white box

  • No warranty

  • A hot mess!